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3D Design & Animation

ID Based Avatar Design

Character Modelling

Brand Identity

Texture Painting

Cloth Simulations

Concept Design for Stage Shows

Content Creation & Live VJing

What You See and Perceive Here are Reflections of ;

· A Self Discovery ·

· Higher-Self  &  Alter Egos ·

· The Beauty of Synchronicity ·

· Alternate Worlds and Bodies ·

· Ancient Alchemy in New Age ·

· Occultism · Mysticism · Spiritualism ·


and a moment of silence to all of this cognition .


June 9, 1995.
Born in Izmir.
Lives in Istanbul.
Self-Taught Artist.
Education |
Bilgi University
Bachelor of Arts Degree |
Management of Performing Arts Department
Graduation in 2018 |
First Ranked Student of The Faculty of Communication
"I always wanted to reflect what I see and discover in my mind as much as possible into the real life.
I was drawing, painting, shooting short movies, writing stories and tales, sculpting in clay in the past. But these were never enough and never satisfied me. When I met 3D world, I knew it would help my imaginary universe to become visible to other seeing-eyes too.
Decided to mix it with the education I had in the fields of Stage and Performing Arts. Learned nothing about Digital Design at school. I am a Self-Taught Artist. Best way to learn. But combining multiple fields is the soul of the rooted creation. So I took advantage of the chances to get in touch with the backstage, stage design elements and classical history of the art.
I also do VJing just to find pleasure and satisfaction in seeing-watching-feeling what I created, alive on huge screens. & Having fun with syncs. Living an alternate world with my alternate characters."
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